Our CEO has been a speaker at events of all shapes and sizes including TED, TEDx, Yahoo Ignite, and YPO events. She even got to surprise Chelsea Clinton in one of her talks:


Thriving in the Unknown 
Our world is changing faster than ever before, but most of us don’t have the skills to take advantage of change and uncertainty. Our bodies respond as though we’re threatened, so we either retreat or become obsessed with taking control. This reaction leads to ineffective leaders and teams at a time when we need them to be at their best. The good news? When we understand the psychology behind our behavior and learn powerful reframing techniques, we begin to view the unknown as a world of opportunity. In this session, participants will learn about leading in the midst of uncertainty and practice adapting to change. Good for: leadership and team development, change management, innovation

Creating a Culture of Playing All the Way
Why is it that we sometimes hold back? Why do we stay in our comfort zones even though we wish we could push ourselves beyond our boundaries? It isn’t just a matter of personal growth; when voices in our organizations go unheard and limits go untested, we all lose out. In this session, your audience members will discover how to break through their own barriers, embrace mistakes, and create a culture of learning, positive risk-taking, and playfulness. Good for: leadership, organizational and personal development

Harnessing the Science of Delight
What if we didn’t just sell products and services? What if we also took advantage of all our interactions and used them to create delight? Research shows that surprise and delight create loyalty but, even more importantly, they fill our work with meaning. In this session, audiences will learn how to track, set, and exceed expectation. They will walk away brimming with ideas to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Good for: customer service development, sales, and organizational development

Sparking Lasting Engagement
These days, whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom, attention is our most precious resource. It’s no longer enough to be the loudest and most repetitive; to gain attention in today’s world, we have to spark and nourish engagement. In this session, audiences will learn how to bring their listeners to the edges of their seats through surprise-rich resources such as skillful vulnerability, story-telling, and gamification. Good for: educator development, sales, marketing, and outreach

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