What is Surprise Industries?

Surprise Industries is a community of Surprisologists – individuals who are passionate about stepping into the unknown and designing experiences that interrupt patterns.
We believe that life is richest when we shake up routine and embrace surprise.

Why do we take surprise so seriously?

    • Surprise intensifies our emotions by about 400% (making special occasions even specialer)
    • Our happiest memories contain an element of surprise
    • Surprise deepens and brightens our relationships
    • We feel most comfortable when things are certain, but we feel most alive when they’re not
Want more reasons to love surprise? Watch this talk by our co-founder, Tania Luna:

Still want to learn more?

The Surprisologist Pledge

A day without surprise is a day forgotten. A day forgotten is a day forever lost. Today, I will surprise someone. Today, I will surprise myself. I will make someone smile. I will create something.  I will be bold. I will have butterflies in my stomach. I will make mischief. I will remember today.

How did Surprise Industries get started?

Surprise Industries was conjured up by two sisters (Kat Dudina & Tania Luna) in 2008. From the start, our mission was to inspire grownups to play, learn, and wander outside their comfort zones.

We produced over 2,000 surprises for individuals, couples, and companies. In October 2014, we moved our corporate team building and consulting services under the umbrella of our sister company, LifeLabs New York. Today, Surprise Industries exists to introduce more people to the art and science of surprise and to spread surprise through our latest undertaking, The Experiment.

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Want to connect with Surprise Industries? We’re at support@surpriseindustries.com