How to Use MakeSpace Like a Surprisologist

We are always on the look out for new ways to spread surprise (the best ideas are typically waiting around for us in plain sight) so we were delighted to make friends with the folks at MakeSpace (a super easy, super fun service to store your stuff and keep track of it).

Here are my favorite 6 tips to create surprise with MakeSpace as your secret surprise weapon:

TIP 1.

Create a time capsule! Write a note to your future self to put inside your bin. Make funny predictions and remind your future self what you want to remember.

TIP 2.

Create a “bin there done that” ritual. Send away stuff that represents the old you (habits, routines, and thoughts). Let it all go, then revisit it again in a year and celebrate how far you’ve come.

TIP 3.

When your partner isn’t looking, sneak Post-it notes on his or her stuff! Ex: “The first time I saw you in this sweater I thought __.”

TIP 4.

Get each other a gift right before your stuff is scheduled to be picked up by MakeSpace and hide the gifts in your bins. Feel free to tease each other about what might be in there … “Oh, you want a new phone? That’s exactly what I got you, but it’s in the bin.”

TIP 5.

Gather a bin of memories (old notes, yearbooks, and photo albums). Store the bin in MakeSpace and order it back for a Nostalgia Night with your besties. Get a bottle of wine and reminisce. Pro tip: throw a confetti popper inside.

TIP 6.

Create a Costume Co-op. Tell your friends not to trash their old costumes, tutus, tiaras, and santa outfits. Pack them away until you’re ready for a wild night of dress-up

(Thanks, MakeSpacers! We’re never going to think of storage the same way again!)

Surprise Industries readers get $30 of MakeSpace credit by signing up on their website and using coupon code SURPRISE30 at checkout. Enjoy!



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